Dangers posed by asbestos


Asbestos is a material made up of minerals which appear naturally in the environment in the form of a roll of threads. It can be entwined into small strands and used for commercial and industrial purpose. Its ability to withstand high temperatures and dangerous chemicals is the main reason for its use in industries. Asbestos is also a poor conductor of electricity and is therefore used as an insulating material. Players in the building and construction sector use it in fortifying cement, roofing, ceiling, floor tiles, and painting. It can also be used in vehicles on brake pads and clutch plates. Exposure to asbestos can cause significant complications to one’s health. We have all been exposed to asbestos at one point in life, especially during our childhood.

Many countries have taken bold steps in banning the use of asbestos although some countries have opted to regulate its use. Eradication of asbestos is a move being undertaken by many to safeguard their well-being. You are also advised to employ the services of asbestos removal companies like asbestos removal ct to save your people from the dangers posed by inhaling of asbestos. Those exposed to this material on a daily basis are likely to suffer from asbestos related complications compared to those who inhale it in small portions. They include workers in textile industries, construction workers, and asbestos miners. However useful asbestos might be, here are some of the dangers posed by its use.


 Lung illnesses

003Inhaling asbestos can give rise to complex defects in your respiratory tract. Your body is vulnerable to diseases like lung cancer which is commonly associated with the smoking of cigarettes. Indications of such illnesses include difficulties in breathing, chest pains, and unceasing coughs. Lung ailments like mesothelioma are also known to be as a result of inhaling asbestos. This results in the damage of respiratory tissues which can stretch down to the abdominal tissues. Quick measures should be taken by those diagnosed with mesothelioma because it is curable.


Heart complications

002Exposure to asbestos has been linked to several heart diseases and stroke. Employees in industries that use asbestos in manufacturing are at a high risk of suffering from heart weaknesses due to inhalation of the mineral components in excess which is absorbed into the bloodstream. This may lead to stroke or paralysis of one’s body. One is advised to eradicate any chances of asbestos exposure, inform health experts on any heart-related complications and do regular exercise.


Brain tumors

Brain tumors can occur as a result of damaged blood vessels which are brought by the absorption of the dangerous components of asbestos. This may take place at later stages if one fails to treat heart complications caused by asbestos. Resulting factors like this are the reason why many workers or asbestos miners are advised to seek medical help in case they experience symptoms related to heart complications.