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Easy access to online payday loans and the opportunity to receive money without leaving home, the very day on which the application was made, means that consumers only live thinking of a quick injection of cash – regardless of reading the contract carefully.

This is a huge mistake! Fast payday loans online have many advantages and in most companies you can get them on really favorable terms, but there are also fraudsters on the web. For this reason, a company providing quick payday loans should be wise .

Instantaneous online – do not sign a blind contract

Instantaneous online - do not sign a blind contract

A quick payday loan is above all an opportunity to receive money instantly into a bank account. The ease of receiving this commitment means that consumers do not pay attention to a meticulous analysis of the provisions of the contract, read the regulations and read the table of fees and commissions.

Meanwhile – this is a necessity that should not be avoided, so as not to choose a bad offer that looks attractive in advertising – but it is not really the most profitable for us.

How is the contract concluded with the loan company?

How is the contract concluded with the loan company?

Along with receiving the online payday loan, the client receives a contract and regulations from the company, which they should read to be aware of their rights and obligations under this contract. The Act on the provision of electronic services allows you to conclude distance contracts by performing a specific action (making a transfer to verify your identity, accepting the regulations, confirming that you have read the contract and accepting it).

It follows that as a conclusion of the contract, the company may consider accepting the contract and the regulations on the website or transferring a symbolic penny to verify the identity upon which money is received.

Remember, however, that payday loans online can sometimes take more time: some companies – despite the possibility of concluding a distance contract – and still send it by post or courier so that the borrower signs the documents in person. In this situation, remember that the courier can – or actually should – wait until you read the document completely and only then sign it.

Do not allow time pressure on you or sign documents without reading and understanding them! A quick online loan is a serious commitment, so don’t put yourself at risk and carefully examine the document point by point.

What should you check in the contract?

What should you check in the contract?

The payday contract over the internet contains such important information as:

  • interest,
  • commissions,
  • administrative fees
  • proceedings to extend the repayment date,
  • frequency of sending reminders and fees imposed on them,
  • terms of withdrawal.

If you have already received cash, but the contract raises your concern or you find that you do not need additional money, remember that within 14 days of signing the contract you can terminate the instant pay agreement. Of course, this involves the reimbursement of previously received money within a specified period, which you should not exceed in order not to be exposed to the costs in this respect.

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