A Family Therapist and Holistic Physician Share Unbelievable Healing Experiences

Gabriel Cousens shares amazing stories of healing in this article. Gabriel Cousens is holistic physician, family therapist, author. Come and visit our website search it on https://ayahuascahealings.com/ you can learn more..

Kevin, What were the biggest challenges you faced with your work the last 20 years?

Gabriel: Well, it’s subtle. It’s really, really enjoyable to watch people heal. Although you can predict what will happen, there’s still a lot to be uncovered. There may be a lot more karma for some people. People generally do quite well. These are the challenges of getting people. Even though they have healed, things seem to be going well. However, in the end they slip back into the culture that is death. They don’t get it. You need to just keep trying to get people to understand that they must live this way. It’s like: “You mean I can’t go back to eating sugar and high fruit?” “No, that is what I mean.” You can stay healthy from diabetes. You can’t go back to how you were before, as you’ll have to start over. People are just not able to grasp it. It takes time. Many people wait for years. They heal, it’s dramatic and they see results. Their blood sugar goes down from over 400 on medication, to 88 without medication, in three weeks. It’s amazing. People often call it impossible. We consider it quite natural. Three months later, four more months later, they reverse the direction. This is impossible. It is fascinating to see the struggle people have to let go of their food preferences.

Kevin. How do you deal with your beliefs about food? It seems that this is the biggest challenge.

Gabriel This is a system of belief and habits. All we can do is to do the 21 days. It’s fast and so powerful that you can’t deny.

Kevin: Right.

Gabriel Yet, people still say, “Yeah. Yes, yeah. That’s awesome …”” and then they slip away because we live in the shadow of the culture that is death. That’s what we really mean. You have to learn to accept that. The lessons we are teaching are not for everyone. However, diabetics (2%) can be used to help 1.6 million people. That’s huge! It would be amazing if we could help 1.6million people in America. We believe we’ll get even better results if we have South America and Central America governments behind us.

One hospital in Dubai already has expressed interest. It is horrendous that it has gone from 25% up to 32%. It basically means we have a dysfunctional people. They cannot function. It’s like, whoa!

Kevin, What is causing it?

Gabriel When I speak to different Arab people with some insight, other medical people, it’s usually the high level of sugar. The number one sugar is lamb. Yemen. Yemen. Yemen had a diet of about 85% animal meats, fats, or lamb, but very little sugar. It didn’t actually have diabetes. Add sugar and you’ll have diabetes 20 years later. Sugar is number one. It is the number one food in the Arab world. Why?

Turns out, sugar is cooling. India is home to 40 million people with diabetes. They are the best in the world. This gives the US an opportunity to be ahead of everyone else in diabetes incidence.

Kevin: Really.

Gabriel So sugar is the biggest issue in creating diabetes and hypoglycemia. The cooling effect of sugar is common in cultures, particularly those with higher temperatures. However, this is what you are referring to: these cultures have a high rate of sugar diseases.

Kevin, Do you think it’s the increased use of processed sugar or are you referring to fruit?

Gabriel. This clearly has to do with fruit but I think that we’re talking about more white Sugar. But, my diabetics, I have to tell you that we closely monitor everybody. So if anyone has a piece or fruit of sugar, it can spike their blood sugar. There is no way. We monitor everything. We’re seeing it. There is no other place in the world that has this level of direct experience. It works. When you have diabetes, you can’t eat fruits. It doesn’t work. It is not true. The body raises blood sugar.

Kevin, Now what do you want for everyone tonight?

Gabriel It’s important to love yourself enough that you are willing to heal yourself and the planet. So, I encourage you to really love yourself enough to heal your body and understand that changing your diet to vegan and live food can help you heal yourself as well as the planet. This will bring about peace at all levels. So, I wish to bless everyone if they choose.

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