Canadian Drugs and the Magic Mushrooms can relieve Depression

According to recent research, new Canada s as well as psychedelic mushrooms could be the key to treating depression. Can you die from shrooms.

David Nutt of Imperial College London Department of Medicine, the senior author of two of the studies, said: “Psychedelics have been thought of by many as drugs that expand the mind. How to build a prayer altar at home

However, it was found that these drugs actually cause brain activity to decline in those areas where there are the strongest connections between other regions.” “These hubs restrict our experience of reality and maintain order.” It is now known that if these regions are deactivated, the experience of world will be strange.

Authors said that the impact of Psilocybin as reported by study participants, including experiencing “geometric patterns” and an altered sense time and space along with unusual physical sensations was associated with a decrease in oxygen and blood flowing to areas of the brain, posterior cingulate cortex and medial pFC (mPFC).

There’s a theory that the posterior Cingulate Cortex plays an important role in self identification and consciousness. According to research, depression patients have a particularly active medial cortex. Therefore, psilocybin’s effects on this brain area could account for the reported antidepressant benefits.

“Psilocybin is a drug that was extensively used in psychotherapy until the 1960s. However, the biology behind its use had not been adequately investigated. First author of both the studies, Dr. Robin Carhart Harris of Imperial College London Department of Medicine said that their findings supported the theory that psilocybin facilitated access to emotions and memories. Buy Celexa For now, the symptoms of depression can be treated by buying Celexa .

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