How a Gold Bull Run Is Coming Up Beautifully For IRA Holders and 401k Owners

It was a common day as all others, but this was.

This is how it will feel to watch the next set of events that causes an irreversible decrease in US equity markets and global equity markets. However, many will notice a uncanny sense de déjà vu.

But, while recessions may come and go, wisdom is eternal. As the US enters its longest ever business expansion cycle, the wise have already begun to plan for the next one top gold IRA custodians.

It’s a saying that says, “What goes down must come up”, and the stock markets is no exception. Stocks are the most expensive investment you can make at the moment, so billionaire hedge fund managers Jeffrey Gundlach & Stephen Kaplan have made some bold predictions – such as that the price gold will hit $5,000 per ounce within the next 10 years.

The mainstream media will never tell anyone to buy gold or silver or to simply keep your money in an investment account.

But do you really expect CNN Money and MSNBC to manage the retirement of your loved one?

At most, don’t do it with your greatest benefit in view.

This is exactly where it is right now. Federal government, the pundits and Federal Reserve as well as the big bankers and the President who once called both the stock market and the unemployment figures “fake”, all affirm that the economy’s never been stronger and there is no danger of recession.

Over 60% of CEOs surveyed globally believe that a global recession will soon hit by 2020. Fed Chairman Jerome Powell vowed to do all he could to stop this train from stalling.

The sign of a weak economic is lower interest rates. A country cannot survive without its debt. US dollar and stock markets are only systems of debt. Uncle Sam helped corporations borrow money very cheaply to purchase stock shares and boost their prices.

It is a fact that major corporations’ CEOs and boards of directors are paid largely based upon how well their company stocks do. This is why executives are often given large bonuses even during difficult times.

Now we have record levels of personal and federal debt. When you add in a serious slowdown of factory orders, underwhelming employment numbers, and record number of retail closings, you begin to see that real economy is not doing as well would have you believe.

This is why you must take immediate action to secure your future. You’ll be too late to save precious time when the bull market in gold resumes and stocks begin to plummet as a result.

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