The Importance of Flowers

Imagine a bouquet filled with flowers, placed in the middle of a space. When you enter, your attention will be drawn to it. It brings immediate pleasure to the viewers. You will then feel the magic of flower – it can attract, communicate and make you happy like no other. Flowers have been used for conveying deeply felt messages since ancient time. While flowers are fashionable and in fashion nowadays, there is ample evidence that this has been true for a very long while. Come and visit our website search it on asda flowers you can learn more.

Reading mythical stories will reveal that flowers have been given to winners as victory wreaths for centuries. They have been given as a token of love, as they are nature’s most beautiful creation. They are a symbol of all that is good about this world – love, happiness and life.

Since ancient times, people have been drawn to the many shapes, styles and colours of flowers. In ancient times flowers were an important part of worshipping the Gods, Goddesses and other gods. Giving flowers to the gods is a common religious practice in many cultures. According to some, the only way for the divine to be pleased was to receive the gratification of a flower.

Turkey around the seventeenth-century is where flowers were first given as gifts. It was the inception of floriography that attracted wide attention. Flowers also had moral significance in medieval Europe. White roses, lilies and other flowers are associated with Christian symbols of virginity and chastity. Hence saints are often represented by flowers that denote virtue.

Each culture’s symbolism is different. Here are some ideas to help you send a message with flowers.

The gift of a purple rose can symbolize love and new beginnings. You should not give a white rose as it may send the wrong message. Forget-me, red roses will be the best way to express true love. If it is love at first glance, a thornless and lavender rose will communicate your complete surrender. A red carnation is a sign of your love for her. A bunch of honeysuckle is a great way to show your affection and bond of love. The perfect declaration of your love is choosing a red Tulip.

A pink carnation is a lovely way to show love to someone who has given you a bouquet of flowers. If you are not feeling the same, a white, stripped, or yellow carnation will be a sympathy way to decline.

Flowers can be symbolic of love. A Star of Bethlehem symbolizes hope, a Snowdrop gives comfort and an Aloe or Marigold speaks of your grief. You can offer an Eglantine Rosary as a healing touch.

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